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Nancy Harris

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After experiencing the benefits of Massage Therapy for her own injuries and having an administrative role alongside a team of Registered Massage Therapists, Nancy developed a passion for Massage Therapy and pursued her career as a health care practitioner. She is a graduate of Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy.

Since her diagnosis with stage 3 breast cancer in 2009, Nancy has wanted to give back to her community and contribute towards making a positive difference in peoples’ health care. Given her experience with cancer treatment, she brings a high-level of empathy to the treatment room and as a therapist, Nancy is a strong advocate for patient-centered care. She understands the complexities of illness and injury and strives to provide a safe space for her patients.

Nancy utilizes a variety of treatment modalities including myofascial and soft tissue tension release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, joint play, facilitated stretching and Swedish massage.

Whether you want to decrease stress, pain, recover from injury or maintain your health, Nancy will work with you towards achieving your goals and provide you with appropriate home-care to help strengthen, restore muscle balance, and prevent future injury.

"When life shuts a door, open it. It's a door... that's how they work."

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