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Sophie Graver

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Sophie is a 2017 graduate of Victoria BC’s West Coast College of Massage Therapy.

What led Sophie to becoming registered as a Massage Therapist are the various sports injuries and freak accidents she has endured in her time. She has lots of good stories to tell and can relate to most people about “that one time they hurt themself doing that crazy thing”.

With a vested interest in anatomy and physiology, pathology, neurology, and therapeutic exercise, the RMT program really made sense to Sophie. She could instantly apply this new skill and knowledge to her own aches, pains, and imbalances, as well as build a career helping others with theirs.

Sophie’s preferred treatment style is a deep-tissue flow with both active and passive techniques. She seamlessly blends more advanced and specific-to-you therapeutic techniques into the Swedish massage flow to maintain a state of relaxation. This style promotes a decrease in muscle guarding to maximize results from the deeper and more specific pressure being applied. Sophie usually saves time at the end of each treatment to flush and clear each area that was specifically worked on to minimize the potential muscle soreness following your massage. This ties together and concludes your treatment in a non abrupt way.

Sophie finds it important to promote relaxation during her treatments because she believes that in such a busy and distraction filled world, one should take advantage of the rare opportunity to close the eyes, and bring awareness to the body. Especially within an environment optimized for comfort and minimal disruption.

Sophie’s treatments are versatile and customizable to your specific goals. She is a great communicator who loves puzzles, and is excited to figure out how to help you feel your very best.

Her special interests are pre/post natal care, stress management, rotator cuff injuries, hand and forearm strains/sprains, TMJ dysfunction, and concussion symptom management.

BC is Sophie’s stomping ground as she has lived in Squamish, Vancouver, and most recently Vancouver Island before moving to the beautiful Okanagan early 2021.

Sophie is very family oriented. She has a loving husband, a baby boy, and a mini schnauzer named Gator. She is very enthusiastic about dogs, babies, beaches, long walks, and long walks on dog-friendly beaches with babies.

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

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