Best registered massage therapy Kelowna Direct Billing deep tissue massage

Best massage I've ever gotten! Incredible atmosphere and even better work. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting massage therapy.

L. Daneluk

Amazing therapists! Helped me get through a difficult time of my life.

S. Thomsen

Amazing touch! Great knowledge of the body! Works Miracles!

B. Danger

I love EHMT, such a relaxed atmosphere, I can truly be myself and relax. Not to mention very well trained RMT's ... and great rates too!

J. Elliman

I have been to a few Massage Therapists before finding Allison and she is by far the best. 
I have been in 3 car accidents within a two year period and she has greatly helped - I 100% recommend her to everyone as I would still be in a lot of pain myself if it wasn't for her.

A. Hill

Allison is fantastic. She listens to your concerns and tailors each treatment to them. She offers stretches that can help alleviate areas that are tight.

Direct billing available and online booking is super convenient. Highly recommend!

C. Houston

I have been going to registered massage therapists for over 40 years. During this time, I have had a myriad of experiences but the last 3 years with Amy has been the best. She is a wonderful communicator who’s able to clearly explain what muscle groups are involved to a layperson. Amy is the consummate professional who takes a proactive approach to physical issues. When needed, she’ll provide, as well as demonstrate, exercises to help the impacted area to compliment the treatment.  This goes a long way to help me improve and manage problem areas between appointments. Amy’s quiet, thoughtful, focus is always on her client’s health and well being first and what expert help she can provide to assist them. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

V. Hawick


Working as a nurse and also enjoying many sports such as hockey and mountain biking has left me with stuff muscles, sore neck and upper back and headaches. Amy has been instrumental in curing my pain and regaining my range of motion. I see her regularly for injury recovery and for regular maintenance. Amy is exceptionally talented at what she does.

T. Turley

Amy is an incredible massage therapist who has an extensive amount of knowledge about the body. After every visit I feel refreshed with my muscles less tight and much less painful.

C. Gunn

I absolutely LOVE Amy and her new clinic, very clean environment, knowledgeable staff, great location and good vibes. Enhanced healing has helped amazingly with my migraines and has been a great help through my car accident. I highly recommend enhanced healing massage. The staff really care about their patients and they take the time to get to know you and how they can help you.

B. Trca

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What a fantastic business. Extremely knowledgeable staff! Made me feel welcome and comfortable. We decided to book a few more masages. I'd highly recommend Enhanced Healing to anyone seeking Massage Therapy.

I. Chad

Allison Blanchette is an exceptional RMT, she takes her time to really understand your unique condition and is truly genuine about helping you to get better. I would definitely recommend Allison to anyone looking for an enjoyable and effective massage therapy treatment in Kelowna.


Amy is extremely knowledgable. I have had several issues while seeing her and she knows exactly how to fix me up, her massages are very healing and she knows just where to focus and target on when I have issues.

L. Steele Gunn

I had an injured shoulder, that was so sore it was affecting how I walked or did anything...I went to a massage therapist for the first time I'm my life and they actually made it worse. So I was not a big believer after that.. I was urged to see Amy from a friend and I decided to give it one more shot. 
Amy was able to get my shoulder back to normal and eliminate the constant discomfort so fast I was really impressed.

B. McDougall

Amy is extremely knowledgable about the body but also has incredible intention in her work. By far the best massage therapist I have seen! I had been suffering with chronic pain for years and she helped me get rid of it. Forever grateful!!

S. Danger

Amy is an amazing RMT. She's been helping me treat my nerve and neck issues since my MVA in 2013. I've been lucky and she has been my only RMT and I don't think I could ever see anyone else.

S. Liddicoat

Amy is the best RMT I have ever had work on me! She's healed my body in a way that no one else has ever been able too!

C. Rae

Amy's the best! I've been going to RMT's for years, and finally found someone that can actually help me.

P. Irvine

Amy was recommended by a few friends of mine and I was so happy I decided to make an appointment! I had been suffering with chronic pain for some time, nothing I tried seemed to help. After one appointment with Amy, everything changed. She pinpointed the areas that needed it and I have been on the road to recovery since.  My husband and I now see her regularly to maintain our healthy bodies. I cannot recommend her enough!

S. Ruiter

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