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Sarah Webb

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Relaxation Massage

Sarah is currently finishing up her second year as a student at First College Kelowna. She will be writing her board exams this March 2025. 

Sarah has always had an interest in becoming a Massage Therapist but waited until later in life as being a mother became first priority. She has an interest in nervous system regulation, trauma therapy and somatic exercise and will be pursuing teachings to help her best provide this type of treatment approach to her clients. She will be taking craniosacral therapy in the winter and looks forward to being able to offer this in the New Year. 

In her free time you will find her hiking, paddle boarding, or snowshoeing.


I will be working as a student therapist for a discounted rate with this wonderful team while I await my RMT license.  I look forward to seeing you all. 


"Take a deep breath... inhale peace, exhale happiness."

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